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Long Story Short – Clyde Aikau – Part Two

In the concluding episode of a special two-part Long Story Short, Clyde Aikau speaks in-depth about the now-famous incident in which his older brother Eddie Aikau was lost at sea while trying to find help for the crew of the capsized Hokule’a in 1978. Clyde delivers a conciliatory message to the family of the late […]

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Long Story Short – Clyde Aikau – Big Wave Surfing Champion

Leslie Wilcox talks with Clyde Aikau, big wave surfing champion, former North Shore life guard and younger brother of the late Eddie Aikau (of “Eddie Would Go” fame).  Clyde talks about growing up in Chinese graveyard in Pauoa valley, surfing giant North Shore waves while approaching age 60, and his 15 year old son Ha’a’s […]

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