Long Story Short – James Scott – Part Two

Join Leslie Wilcox for the second part of a two-part discussion with Dr. James Scott, the Waimanalo-born Native Hawaiian who has been president of Punahou School since 1994. In this episode, Dr. Scott talks about the balance he tries to maintain for Punahou between traditions from the past and innovations for the future. He characterizes that balance as the art of “holding the tension”. He credits, in part, lessons he learned as a pitcher on the Punahou baseball team for his ability to strike this delicate balance. He also talks about his wife Maureen, raising two children in their on-campus home, and the challenges of separating work and home-life when one’s home and workplace are really one in the same. Dr. Scott also talks about a Punahou initiative that helps public school students get ready for college and speculates on his future as the school’s president.

Long Story Short with Leslie Wilcox is a production of PBS Hawaii.

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