Long Story Short – Cha Thompson

Cha Thompson runs a large family and a large, family-run business with her husband of 42 years, Jack Thompson.  Together, they own and operate Tihati Productions, one of the largest entertainment businesses in the state.



Long Story Short - Cha ThompsonRaised in public housing, Cha tells Leslie Wilcox that she’s most proud of being able to provide an education for her children.  Each has attended college.  And she herself recently earned a college degree.  “You know, we were always hungry, Leslie; we were always hungry,” she recalls.  “And so maybe that was it.  Maybe I thought, you know, I’m never gonna let that happen to my kids; and it never did.”


How have Cha and Jack succeeded in raising five children of their own and seven more hanai (a Polynesian tradition of adoption)?  “We expect for them to give back,” Cha says.  “We always say in our family, Much is expected from whom much is given.”

Tune in to hear stories of faith and family with Cha Thompson on Long Story Short with Leslie Wilcox.



Long Story Short with Leslie Wilcox is a production of PBS Hawaii.

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