Long Story Short – Roy Sakuma – Hawaii’s Foremost Ukulele Teacher – Part One

When PBS Hawaii President and CEO Leslie Wilcox sat down with ukulele teacher Roy Sakuma recently, she thought she had a pretty good idea how the conversation would go.  Roy would tell her about his family and his school days; and we’d find out how he became a teacher. 

Long Story Short - Roy SakumaIt’s no secret that Roy Sakuma dropped out of high school.  But, during this Long Story Short, he explains why.


In the first of two parts of this very moving conversation, Roy Sakuma reveals – for the first time publicly – that he was raised in a home filled with mental illness.  His late mother and brother suffered from serious mental illness.  And Roy, his father and his sister suffered too, keeping the family’s secret and living with the stigma and the guilt.  

Long Story Short with Leslie Wilcox is a production of PBS Hawaii.

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